QUICK (2011) Free Download Korean Movie

Movie Info :
 Title: Quick
* Revised romanization: Qwik
* Hangul: 퀵
* Director: Jo Beom-Gu
* Writer: Park Soo-Jin
* Producer: Yun Je-Gyun
* Cinematographer: Kim Young-Ho
* Release Date: July 21, 2011
* Runtime: 115 min.
* Production Company: JK Film, CJ Entertainment
* Language: Korean
* Country: South Korea 

Casts :
Lee Min-Ki as Han Ki-Soo 
Kang Hye-Won as Choon-Sim
Kim In-Kwon as Kim Myung-Sik
Ko Chang-Seok as Detective Seo
Yoon Je-Moon as Jung In-Hyuk
Joo Jin-Mo as team leader Kim
Ma Dong-Seok as Kim Joo-Chul
Song Jae-Ho as Kwak Han-Soo 
Oh Jung-Se as Park Dal-Yong 
Kim Tae-Woo as Junichi Watanabe 

Aditional Casts :
Jeon Kuk-Hwan
Choi Jae-Sup

Syopsis :
Ki-Soo (Lee Min-Ki), Myung-Sik (Kim In-Kwon) and Ah-Rom (Kang Hye-Won) were members of the same notorious motorcycle gang. They enjoyed their days roaming the streets recklessly on their motorcycles.

Now, Ki-Soo works as a motorcycle delivery man, Myung-Sik is a motorcycle cop and Ah-Rom is a member of pop idol group. One day, Ki-Soo has Ah-Rom riding on the back of his motorcycle as he makes a delivery. To his surprise the delivered package explodes as he leaves the building. Ki-Soo's cellphone rings and he hears a voice telling him that their is another bomb planted in his helmet which Ah-Rom is wearing. Ki-Soo is ordered to take another delivery. If the delivery is late or he attempts to run away the helmet will explode.

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